Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Christmas Chaos!

Christmas was super-crazy around the factory. I had tons of projects ranging from super-easy to "what was I thinking?"! I've included some pictures of my biggest project: a pair of grandparent sweatshirts for some lucky folks with NINE grandchildren!

How huge was this project? Approximately 200,000 stitches, about 7 spools of pre-wound bobbin, more than 20 different colors of thread, over 140 color changes, six hoopings, one ruined sweatshirt, trips to two different wal-marts and three targets to replace it, one trip to Richland Sewing Center for supplies and about 20 hours of my time. But the outcome was wonderful: the customer and her in-laws loved the shirts!

I've included a pic of the Grammy's shirt. Grampa's was the same except that it said "Grampa's Pit Crew" at the top and instead of a boot in the middle, it featured racing flags. Cute!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Big FOUR

My oldest So N So turned four today. He's so big! I know, he's still little but he's no baby anymore.

As I appliqued the four on the back of his tee, I thought..."that's wrong!" But alas, he is indeed four. Just four years ago after Thanksgiving I said to my husband, "I want a baby for Christmas!" But we both thought that there was no way since I wasn't due until late January. Well, Jack gave me my Christmas wish and the best Christmas surprise ever: a healthy, happy sweet baby boy!

Anyhoo -- here are pics of his tee. He wouldn't stand still so this is the best I could do! He loves trains so I made a train shirt. We rode a train to downtown Ft. Worth with all of his little buddies where we ate cake and chicken nuggets (his two favorite foods!) at the train station before re-boarding and heading home. A very stressful party: I don't suggest it! But the kids had a great time!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Poor baby!

In the midst of the rush of the seaon, things have slowed down a bit here at the factory: my little guy has pink-eye and a double ear infection. Dr. R says that he'll likely need a new set of tubes soon. This will be the fourth pair between our two So N So's. The doc also said that my big kid may need a new set too! Ack!

And tomorrow is the big birthday party. Holy cow...everything really happens all at once, doesn't it?!?!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Little Turkeys

I've been so swamped with projects that I haven't taken any time to take any pictures of them! Luckily I managed to wrangle my own So N So's for pics of their Thanksgiving tees. Turkey tees for Turkeys!