Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Big FOUR

My oldest So N So turned four today. He's so big! I know, he's still little but he's no baby anymore.

As I appliqued the four on the back of his tee, I thought..."that's wrong!" But alas, he is indeed four. Just four years ago after Thanksgiving I said to my husband, "I want a baby for Christmas!" But we both thought that there was no way since I wasn't due until late January. Well, Jack gave me my Christmas wish and the best Christmas surprise ever: a healthy, happy sweet baby boy!

Anyhoo -- here are pics of his tee. He wouldn't stand still so this is the best I could do! He loves trains so I made a train shirt. We rode a train to downtown Ft. Worth with all of his little buddies where we ate cake and chicken nuggets (his two favorite foods!) at the train station before re-boarding and heading home. A very stressful party: I don't suggest it! But the kids had a great time!

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