Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Christmas Chaos!

Christmas was super-crazy around the factory. I had tons of projects ranging from super-easy to "what was I thinking?"! I've included some pictures of my biggest project: a pair of grandparent sweatshirts for some lucky folks with NINE grandchildren!

How huge was this project? Approximately 200,000 stitches, about 7 spools of pre-wound bobbin, more than 20 different colors of thread, over 140 color changes, six hoopings, one ruined sweatshirt, trips to two different wal-marts and three targets to replace it, one trip to Richland Sewing Center for supplies and about 20 hours of my time. But the outcome was wonderful: the customer and her in-laws loved the shirts!

I've included a pic of the Grammy's shirt. Grampa's was the same except that it said "Grampa's Pit Crew" at the top and instead of a boot in the middle, it featured racing flags. Cute!

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Anonymous said...

Holy smokes. That's some talent. I think my extent of stitching was reached in trying to sew a tiny rip in my comforter for my bed once.

I ended up using half a spool of thread and somehow making the rip twice as large. Go figure.