Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The long lost blog

It has been MONTHS since I updated my LSNS blog. So, what has kept me so busy? Well, the factory moved, for one thing! We made a relatively sudden decision in the early summer that we needed more space and we needed before the oldest So N So hit kindergarten. Suddenly just a few short weeks later we had sold our house. The factory (oh, and the family residence too!) is now just a few short miles north of the old location. We are now located near 121 and Hall-Johnson Rd in Grapevine. Our new house needs a little bit of elbow grease but everyday we see more positive progress!

What else have I been doing? Sewing, actually! I've been especially busy since the move. Everyone is getting ready for back to school. And it seems lots of families are adding summer babies! I made this cute burp cloth for a little boy destined for Waco. Mom and Dad are both Baylor alum and their friend wanted to make sure little Cooper knew where he was headed.

Remember, a burp cloth is a great gift! A set of three burps with cute trim and a monogram is just $24. Add a design to any of those starting at just $4 each. If you don't need three, single burpies start at just $9.50 each. And I have so much cute fabric for both boys and girls! Buying fabric is something I've been doing too...

Another huge accomplishment...I now have no diapers in my house! Yes, the littlest So N So is potty trained! Just look at how proud he is! He was well over three when we finally got there and it couldn't have come a day sooner! When we bought the last package of diapers I said "This is the last time I'm buying these." He said, "Mommy, you so funny."
I had the last laugh. :-)

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