Thursday, May 21, 2009

<3 We love those teachers <3

I love, love, love my little guy's preschool teachers. Please don't make me say that in the past tense.

Today was his last day of preschool I've been teary all day just thinking about it. What a huge transition: from preschool to kindergarten. I love his elementary school and all the kindergarten teachers there but I just can't imagine my little Sammy being a big enough kid to go to elementary school!

And on top of all that growing up stuff, I just adore his teachers. Ms. Patti and Ms. Lori have been the absolute perfect match for my little angel. He played and had so much fun all year, learning along the way without even knowing it. :-)

So, I showered those two perfect teachers with adorable Everything Totes from Mint and a fun matching beach towel from Target...all monogrammed of course! I hope they love the gifts as much as we love them. :-)
PS: So, if you're looking for a GREAT preschool in the NE Tarrant Area, try Noah's Ark Preschool at First United Methodist Church Colleyville. I can't say enough wonderful things about it!

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