Friday, May 22, 2009

Sustainable Beauty

Does your monitor have touch-o-vision? No? Pity, 'cause this thing is divine. Yes, heavenly. So, so, so soft, like the light, fluffy clouds those angels sit on in the cream cheese commercials...only warmer. Okay, I know you don't need warm right now but you will come fall!

And what's so special about this throw blanket? I mean, I must monogram a hundred throws every year. (Seriously, they make great gifts!) So, big hooey, right? No - this is a blanket that can wrap you in luxury and save the earth too. It's Pottery Barn's Bamboo Cotton Throw.

Bamboo is one of our planet's most renewable resources. That stuff can grow TWO FEET in just a day! Whew! That's a hard workin' grass.

And best of all, Pottery Barn is clearancing this blanket right now to make way for summer stuff. So, goin' green can save you some green! (Hahaha! I'm so clever!)

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