Wednesday, July 20, 2005 free!

I had hoped to get lots of productive sewing done today. However, my oldest So N So had other ideas. After a morning of Blue's Clues, he was bent on making a sock puppet. Since he's three and can't be trusted with a needle and thread, I spent my lunchtime sewing eyes and hair on a big white sock we got on clearance at Target. Meanwhile my littlest So N So threw mandarin oranges at me and the sock-puppet-requester kept trying to grab the needle. Ugh!

But, the outcome was wonderful because there were smiles all around and Jack is now napping with his puppet. What's puppet's name? He tells me it's "Sock Puppet". Creativity runs deep in the Rork family. :-)

I feel the need to pass on the easy instructions for this project to you:

You'll need yarn for hair, buttons for eyes, a needle and thread and of course....a sock!

I cut a handful of 5-inch lengths of yarn, tied them together and then sewed them down, using the knot as the anchor spot, on the puppet a few inches above the toe seam. Just below there I sewed on the "eyes". Voila...adorable.

Also, if you are wondering about the title of today's Blog entry, check out the Blue's Clues episode about Steve making Blue Laugh. It's a classic episode which illustrates just how great Steve Burns was and how not-so-great Donovan Patton is. Yes, I'm a Blue's Clues connoiseur.

Also, it was nine years ago today Gary and I married. We'll be celebrating with a romantic dinner for three and a high-chair at Chili's. Ha!

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