Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tunnel Vision

Sometimes home embroidery can be like sewing in a tunnel. All kinds of bags are this way. They make me a nervous wreck...but always turn out "sew" cute. :-)

Why a tunnel? Because bags have to be turned inside out with the inside of the bag (the underside of the sewing area) stuck down on a special material that keeps the bag stable on the sewing hoop. Then the hooped area is then placed under the needle with the rest of the bag out beyond the sewing arm. Okay, I can't explain it but you can see in the picture that the needle can barely even be seen while it's sewing.

A new customer (hi, Stephanie!) called today and wanted a duffel bag with a personalization and design. Normally I only do names on these bags but I knew that the design would be so cute. Sewing in a tunnel is certainly adventurous but just look how cute the outcome can be!

By the way, I found out tonight that I have mispelled "duffel" all over my web site. I thought it was "duffle" but according to Webster's it's "duffel". Looks weird to me!!!

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